Chapter 14

To My Future Wife,

Working nights has my sleep schedule all sorts of out of sync. Can’t wait to switch back to days. Think I’ll be working normal hours like the rest of the world. I wonder are you working? Are you in college? Are you pursuing your dreams right now?

Chapter 12

To My Future Wife,

Will we meet in a book store, a library maybe? Exchange glances as we’re browsing the wealth of knowledge in front of us? Will I have the courage to make the first move and let you know that you’re the never ending book I want to read? Is that how we’ll bond together? Read to each other at night? As we fall asleep in each other’s arms? The possibilities are endless.

p.s. if we happen to meet at a book store we should grab some coffee

Chapter 10

To My Future Wife,

I wonder what you’re doing at this very moment. Are you sleeping? Do you have insomnia? Are you in a different time zone? Are you on the other side of the planet waiting for me to find you? Do you like dogs? Do you like cats? What scares you the most in life? What makes you happy? Do you have a comfort food? Do you have a favorite go to song that you listen too?

p.s. I may not know you yet but I sure as heck miss you

Chapter 7

To My Future Wife,

I dare say that today has been a very busy one for myself. As I write this post I’ve been awake for the past 24 hrs and
working off of energy drinks (red bull is my favorite). My motivation is at
an all time high though because the wonderful people that I’m surrounded by
have such amazing personalities. We have managed to make each other laugh
and keep the moral up. In the not so distant future I’ll head to sleep and
dream ever so softly of you and our future together. I can’t wait to share
with you all of the stories that I’ve been accumulating throughout my life.
And I can’t wait to hear yours as well.

p.s. i will stop searching for you when the sun rises in the west and sets in
the east

Chapter 3

To My Future Wife,

Thank you for being yourself. It’s all that I could ever ask for. I look
forward to a future where I get to rest my head on your lap after coming
home from work. That in itself is my idea of love in it’s purest form.

p.s. I love you

Chapter 2

To My Future Wife,

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something so much. I don’t even think that I’ve ever felt this vulnerable thinking about a future that I can look forward too.. I’m scared but at the same time I’m not afraid if I get hurt. I wonder what goes through your mind when you think about me, do you think about me throughout the day? do you think of a future where the two of us are taking on the world? Is it wrong for me to think of a future with a wife I may not have even met yet? I hope that one day you’ll feel as strongly about me as I do you. I have a tendency to fall really hard when I feel that something is right. I become the most loyal, trustworthy person that I could ever be. I’ll always be here waiting for you for as long as it takes. I already feel your love… the warmth that you’ll bring to my heart every day.. This feeling gives me chills throughout my body. I just want to love you, to be with you, to start a family of our own, and to enjoy everything that we and the world have to offer each other.

p.s. I can’t wait to experience the world with you by my side

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