There are times…

There are times when things get hard. Life begins to come at us at full force with all of its twists and turns. Take us for example, we are in a semi long distance relationship right now. We are not always able to talk to each other and be there when the other is going through tough times. It’s never intentional but life can sometimes get the better of us with everything going on. I have been working on myself along the way. I do things, little things, here and there so that I am continuously growing not only for myself but for you as well. I’m such a fool for you though. The other day when I got to see you it was like being in your presence brought about an inexplicable feeling of happiness that simply told me “ everything will be okay” not because I knew but because I felt it. Oh man I sure am a fool for you. I see you growing as well and I learn more about you as our days go on. And I must say that it is such a beautiful sight getting to marvel at everything that you are and join you on this journey here that we call life. It is special. Special indeed.


Seconds turn to minutes. Minutes turn to hours, hours to days, and days to weeks. Suddenly it hit me. I managed to get lost in the beauty of your eyes. I thought to myself how incredible it is that the color brown could shine so brightly in this vast universe that we live in. Having not been able to see you for a few weeks. I know you’re probably thinking it was only a few weeks. But man did those weeks feel like they dragged on forever. There is just something about the way that you came into my life abruptly that had me hooked since the very beginning. Like a drug, I missed you dearly. If you’re reading this I love you.


Today you were sick, you’ve been sick for a while and I really am hoping that you get better. But I definitely did not expect that I would be driving an hour and a half to you just so I could do a little shopping and get you some food. I might just be a fool for you, you know that? But it was still extremely satisfying to see you even though we couldn’t physically touch. I wanted to leap through the window, hold, and kiss you ever so tightly. I had to control my urge because it wouldn’t do us any good if both of us were sick. I am happy that I got to see you even if it was just for a few minutes. I hope you and the little one feel better soon so that we can all spend some quality time together.

Time is precious

The past three weeks have been some of my favorite days. Spending time with you and the little one. Although we did not get to spend Christmas and the new years together we did share some unforgettable moments of our own. Lounging around, enjoying the company of each other, sharing our own gifts that we got each other since we couldn’t celebrate the holidays together, and then of course shopping together.

When I see your smile it always seems to light up my world. Like snowflakes falling from the clouds the beauty that is your existence completely shows when you smile. I find myself thinking about you and the little one and missing the two of you as my days go on even more. I can only say that each moment that I get to spend with the two of you is something that I cherish deeply and whole heartedly.

My kind of love

You know.. for the longest time I would stray away from thinking about what love is. I was heartbroken for a time. I thought.. I knew what love was when I was younger. But little did I know that years later I would finally know in my heart what love would come to truly mean for me. Love is not defined by one specific moment in time but happens over the course of many days and nights shared between two beautiful human beings. I found that loving someone does not mean that you have to put up with the things that you dislike about each other. Love comes with a plethora of emotions that we go through on a daily basis. Love is a series of unforgettable moments that transpire when you least expect them too. Love is looking into another human being’s eyes and seeing the beauty in a color you haven’t previously been fond of. Love is thinking about someone and asking how their day is going regardless of how mundane or how many times you’ve heard the same thing over and over again. Love is having the willingness to come out of your comfort zone when you’re with your special someone. Love is finding joy in the other person’s excitement when you yourself know the things they do may not always be the most exciting. Love is in the small things that you enjoy doing with that person such as caressing their face or running your hands through their hair until they fall asleep after they have had a long and stressful day. Seeing them stressed but unwilling to talk about it at the moment so you decide to give them a little shoulder massage. Helping them with their menial tasks so they can take a breather. When you realize that you love someone, that you truly appreciate their existence in your life then the whole world dims in comparison to your special person. My special person is you, it took me a while for me to realize that I love you, and you may not love me. But that’s okay because I’m going to keep on loving the person that you are. Because you are absolutely unequivocally wonderful in my eyes.