Chapter 16

To My Future Wife,

Thank you for accepting me for the huge geek that I am as I sit down on our couch lazing about reading the new issue of some series of comics or manga or a novel by some author nobody has ever heard of. As you’re cuddled up next to me listening to my words as I try to explain the plot of the story you have heard from me hundreds of times already but still find it cute that I’ll take the time to explain it to you every time. Or as I tell you about the nerdy card games that my friends have taught me way back when and share my collection with you hoping that you’ll find some interest in it so I can play against you and win because I can get really competitive. I guess you can say on top of working to save the world from the forces of evil the nerd side of me has this kind of hobby.

p.s. I will always appreciate your kindness

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