Chapter 12

To My Future Wife,

Will we meet in a book store, a library maybe? Exchange glances as we’re browsing the wealth of knowledge in front of us? Will I have the courage to make the first move and let you know that you’re the never ending book I want to read? Is that how we’ll bond together? Read to each other at night? As we fall asleep in each other’s arms? The possibilities are endless.

p.s. if we happen to meet at a book store we should grab some coffee

Chapter 8

To My Future Wife,

Today went by fast, I slept most of the day regaining my strength in order to take on the world. I ate some of my favorite ramen for dinner and I enjoyed it’s spicy flavors. Talked to my mom and reminded her not to worry so much and let her know I love her as well. I went to the store to pick up a few things. I didn’t have any thing to do later though so I walked down the aisles at a turtle pace looking at all the things that were offered. I had to hold myself back from trying to buy things that I thought I would need but I just wanted because they looked cool. I hope you’re prepared for that love.

p.s. lets reach for the stars together and share with the universe our infinite wisdom

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