Chapter 18

To My Future Wife,

Today I went to a going away for a friend that I work with, had a sort of hibachi experience for lunch. It was nice. We all had our laughs and had a great time. Afterwards I went back to my place and slept for a few hours. Wake up with a random thought, I was curious as to what concerts were playing in town so I did a quick search and came across one that happened to be playing today. It wasn’t anything fancy, no big celebrities, it was a George Straight tribute; a band played songs of the famous artist. I decided what reason do I have no to go? So I went. There were mostly elderly people and a few younger gentlemen around my age. I was dressed in black sweatpants, a comfy grey shirt, and some Nike running shoes. A man comes up to me and assumes that I’m from California because of the way I’m dressed. Which is different from the typical cowboy boots, jeans, and hat that are seen around these parts. He says to me ” you must be liberal ” my response, ” No I’m not, I don’t deal with politics because I don’t appreciate the constant arguing.” He then proceeds to stare at me, jaw agape, as if I just destroyed his whole perception of the world. And that my love is a night well spent.

p.s. even though I only knew one song I definitely enjoyed the sound of music as I drank my rum and coke

Chapter 17

To My Future Wife,

I signed up for classes a little late but they start during the beginning of next month. Yet another semester where I’m excited to learn new information. More things that’ll help me continue to grow as a human being. It’s almost time to file taxes, pay bills. All those adult things our parents never really warned us about that we’d slowly start to dread. The adult things schools didn’t teach us or tell us was important to know, not that we would listen anyways. Growing up and moving around I’ve probably been in 6 or 7 different schools. I was and still don’t really need to study because I take in information pretty well. I wonder are we the same in that aspect? Or are we completely opposite? I want to keep learning, there is so much knowledge in this world that we’ve yet to even touch the surface of. You and I, we’ll complement each other.

p.s. I can’t wait to read to you as you fall asleep in my arms

Chapter 16

To My Future Wife,

Thank you for accepting me for the huge geek that I am as I sit down on our couch lazing about reading the new issue of some series of comics or manga or a novel by some author nobody has ever heard of. As you’re cuddled up next to me listening to my words as I try to explain the plot of the story you have heard from me hundreds of times already but still find it cute that I’ll take the time to explain it to you every time. Or as I tell you about the nerdy card games that my friends have taught me way back when and share my collection with you hoping that you’ll find some interest in it so I can play against you and win because I can get really competitive. I guess you can say on top of working to save the world from the forces of evil the nerd side of me has this kind of hobby.

p.s. I will always appreciate your kindness

Chapter 15

To My Future Wife,

Kisses before getting out of bed, soft and passionate. Hugs that tell us in our hearts that we never want to let the other go. The serenity of being in each other’s embrace. Coffee already prepared because the maker is on a timer every morning. The sweet aroma that entrances our senses, flowing into our bedroom from the kitchen counter letting us know that our day is about to start. We look at each other and smile…ever so softly. We roll out of bed, shower, get changed into our clothes for the day. You go into the kitchen and I pour your coffee as you wait for me to finish making breakfast. Eggs, bacon, and french toast to start the day. Honey the world is a marvelous place full of wonders we could never even fully begin to understand. But what I know… what I truly know… is that deep inside my heart you are the one I want to wake up to every morning and share breakfast with before we take on the world together every day.

p.s.  I love you

Chapter 14

To My Future Wife,

Working nights has my sleep schedule all sorts of out of sync. Can’t wait to switch back to days. Think I’ll be working normal hours like the rest of the world. I wonder are you working? Are you in college? Are you pursuing your dreams right now?