A excerpt from the past..

I wrote this almost two years ago and found it in one of my journals as I was cleaning today. There’s a second part that I’ll post tomorrow. It really is crazy to see how far things have come and how our thoughts change over the years…

Wherever you may be…right now as I write this I’m somewhere in the world sitting at the beach. The sun is shining through the clouds, the ocean breeze is running across my body. I hear the sound of birds as they fly through the sky. It’s the first time I’ve been to the beach alone and for myself in years. I feel as though I could get used to this feeling. I’ve been wanting to write to you for a while now. not knowing who you are, where you’re at in life, and where we’ll be in life by the time you read this. I wonder if we’ll read these together or if you’ll have found them online where I plan to publish for the world to witness. And by world I mean you… because you are my world. Cheesy I know but I just had too. I feel as if the world we live in today pressures everyone around to go to college, find a reliable job, get married, and start a family in order to define the road we take for a happy and successful life. I’ve lived a quiet and simple life all these years. My favorite pastime being to search for music I’ve never heard and listen to the various sounds as they enter my soul. Fun fact.. just hearing a little bit of a song and I’m able to sing along or at least hum the song even if I’ve never heard the song before. Not with 100% accuracy but it’ll get you thinking I’ve at least heard the song before even though I may not have. There are many different paths that we can seize. The one I’ve taken up until this point in my life has made me realize that I’m on a roller coaster that just keeps on going up. Would you like to join me?

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