What is love?

What is love? is love just an intense feeling of deep affection for another human being? How do you determine whether you love someone or if you think that you love someone? Are you in love or are you in love with the idea of being in love with someone? Is love a concept that has the potential to keep two human beings together despite the many adversities life throws at them? Is love something that you can physically grasp? Is love decided by the amount of effort you put into a relationship with your significant other? Is this four letter word a plethora of emotions that allows you to feel indescribable amounts of emotions towards another human being? Why do we spend our lives in search of love? Why do we take the many risks associated with love and disregard all rationality? Why do we let other human beings control our emotions to the point of no return? How can one individual in a world of over seven billion people stand out to us more than anyone else? is it the right decision to let our emotions flow out and take control in what becomes an endless pursuit of love?

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