Chapter 18

To My Future Wife,

Today I went to a going away for a friend that I work with, had a sort of hibachi experience for lunch. It was nice. We all had our laughs and had a great time. Afterwards I went back to my place and slept for a few hours. Wake up with a random thought, I was curious as to what concerts were playing in town so I did a quick search and came across one that happened to be playing today. It wasn’t anything fancy, no big celebrities, it was a George Straight tribute; a band played songs of the famous artist. I decided what reason do I have no to go? So I went. There were mostly elderly people and a few younger gentlemen around my age. I was dressed in black sweatpants, a comfy grey shirt, and some Nike running shoes. A man comes up to me and assumes that I’m from California because of the way I’m dressed. Which is different from the typical cowboy boots, jeans, and hat that are seen around these parts. He says to me ” you must be liberal ” my response, ” No I’m not, I don’t deal with politics because I don’t appreciate the constant arguing.” He then proceeds to stare at me, jaw agape, as if I just destroyed his whole perception of the world. And that my love is a night well spent.

p.s. even though I only knew one song I definitely enjoyed the sound of music as I drank my rum and coke

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