Chapter 17

To My Future Wife,

I signed up for classes a little late but they start during the beginning of next month. Yet another semester where I’m excited to learn new information. More things that’ll help me continue to grow as a human being. It’s almost time to file taxes, pay bills. All those adult things our parents never really warned us about that we’d slowly start to dread. The adult things schools didn’t teach us or tell us was important to know, not that we would listen anyways. Growing up and moving around I’ve probably been in 6 or 7 different schools. I was and still don’t really need to study because I take in information pretty well. I wonder are we the same in that aspect? Or are we completely opposite? I want to keep learning, there is so much knowledge in this world that we’ve yet to even touch the surface of. You and I, we’ll complement each other.

p.s. I can’t wait to read to you as you fall asleep in my arms

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