Chapter 15

To My Future Wife,

Kisses before getting out of bed, soft and passionate. Hugs that tell us in our hearts that we never want to let the other go. The serenity of being in each other’s embrace. Coffee already prepared because the maker is on a timer every morning. The sweet aroma that entrances our senses, flowing into our bedroom from the kitchen counter letting us know that our day is about to start. We look at each other and smile…ever so softly. We roll out of bed, shower, get changed into our clothes for the day. You go into the kitchen and I pour your coffee as you wait for me to finish making breakfast. Eggs, bacon, and french toast to start the day. Honey the world is a marvelous place full of wonders we could never even fully begin to understand. But what I know… what I truly know… is that deep inside my heart you are the one I want to wake up to every morning and share breakfast with before we take on the world together every day.

p.s.  I love you

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