Chapter 4

To My Future Wife,

I bought a car today. Didn’t expect it to happen but I just went out and did it. are you surprised? cause I definitely am. I got a great deal on it though so you don’t have to worry about that. I do like to think that I manage my finances well enough to buy things that I may need. And I was super excited to tell you about it. First thing I did was drive like twenty minutes to the mall with my sister and her family and enjoyed a peaceful 2 hours of letting my niece and nephew play on a carousel and run around in a play area. The joy they were emulating as they got to play was so precious. I imagine when you and I are parents we’ll get to enjoy stuff like that more often. I wonder what you think of kids. I love children. Do you?

p.s. have you tried auntie anne’s pretzels cause they’re so delicious

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