Chapter 1

To My Future Wife,

It has been 23 years since I have entered this wonderful world. I have traveled and lived in various places due to military service, I am currently serving. I am but a simple man and a hopeless romantic finding his way. I have had my fair share of heartbreaks and breaking hearts as well. I, like others, am under the notion that there is true love out there for everyone. I came across the idea for writing to you after reading a fascinating and heartwarming piece of literature labeled “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks. My heart struck with the determination to write to you. Wherever you may be my dear future wife. I will not go into detail and spoil it but one of the main characters writes dozens of letters to his love interest, thus my idea may not be original but know that I write to you with the belief that one day our souls will meet and I will be able to share with you my heart.

Now and Forever.

p.s. i am ecstatic that i live in a time where you exist

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